Saturday, June 29, 2013

What Dream Has God Given You

In the beginning God had a Dream of what He wanted the heavens and earth to look like—and He proceeded to create them according to that Dream.  There are over 125 references to dreams and dreamers in the Bible – evidence that God is sharing His Dream with us in our dreams and visions.      
           “Dream” in Hebrew means to “bind strongly or firmly.”  A dream from God becomes bound up in the heart of the person receiving the dream.      When God gives you a dream or vision—it is a very spiritual experience – not easily forgotten or set aside – it becomes a part of your heart and mind.

Two quick footnotes:  (1) the only difference between a dream and a vision is if you are awake, and, (2) not all dreams and visions are from God.  Nevertheless, dreams are often called God’s secret weapon or the sleep language of God.
            God gives each of us a Dream. Today, June 29th ,  I celebrate the 50th  Anniversary of Ordination.  I am a cradle Episcopalian and was 10 years old (1948) when God put into my mind and heart that I should be a priest.  That dream was a part of my reality in grade school, high school and college – the Dream was always with me.  Friends and class-mates pondered what they would do when they grew up – that was never a question for me – I was going to be ordained and be a part of God’s Dream for this world.
Following Seminary, God’s Dream found me Vicar of two large Native-American congregations on the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota – in case you were not aware – we are the largest church among Indian people in Minnesota, the Dakotas and Alaska.
            God’s Dream for me also included serving as Parish Rector, Cathedral Dean and activity duty in the USAF as Chief of Chaplains for the Air National Guard – following Military retirement, the Dream lead to Interim Ministry.  First, in a suburban Washington, DC Parish and then as Interim Rector for 3 years in our largest African-American Parish in Washington, DC.  Next came a call to an avant-garde Baltimore Parish and then the Dream lead to Kansas City and three wonderful Interim Rectorships.
            Each of you readers also has a story about your part of God’s Dream – was it about education, career, family, fine arts, athletics?  Was it about loving, serving, worshiping?   I pray that someone knows your story and that you will keep sharing it with others.
            This is in no way to suggest that God’s Dream always brings joy and happiness, sometimes quite the opposite. 
            Nor is it to suggest that all that happens in the Episcopal Church is actually God’s Dream, some may well be Satan’s nightmare. 
            Nevertheless, it has been a grand 50 years being part of the Dream!!!


  1. Our hopes and dreams have converged for which I am most grateful. As CS Lewis taught us, friendship is finding ourselves traveling on the same road toward the horizon.

  2. Welcome to the 50 plus years of ordination. Its been grand ride for me and all of my dreams have been fulfilled. We thank God for calling to the ministry of this church.

  3. I met God when I was three and God was ageless. I spent time under our big dining room table chatting to God and three imaginary friends as I set up a meal of Ritz crackers for us to share. I don't know if it was God's dream or not but the experience grew inside me and years later I recognized my little meal in the Eucharist.I've been an Episcopal priest for 25 years now. I still chat and dine with God at the altar. Now I'm dreaming my dream into a memoir, which I hope God will dream into publication with my help. Thanks for the invitation to share.

  4. Gary congratulations on 50. Thank you for sharing your dream, priesthood and friendship with me. Your dream has become a journey of priestly loyalty.

  5. Lyn, Thank you for sharing a part of God’s Dream for you; wonderful! Perhaps some of our other readers will be willing to share their part of the Dream.