Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Celtic Theology: A Little Story

A very long time ago, millions of years actually, a great meteor crashed to earth. There were terrible explosions, storms of wind and fire and the death of many living things. It seemed like the end of the world. In one location a group of dinosaurs cowered together at one of their favorite watering holes, under a dark sky and in a very cool climate. They were commiserating and trying to stay warm together. One of them said, “Well, guys, the good days are all over! Our friends are dying; our feeding areas are getting smaller. I guess we’ll just have to wait for the end.” As the big dinosaur spoke, one of his friends looked around, his eyes rolled up to the back of his head; he wavered, lost his balance and fell to the ground. Boom! . . . But something very different was going on the floor of the old jungle around where the old dinosaur fell. A bunch of furry, little creatures were running around, jumping, sliding through the mud, and having a race. One of them yelled out, “Wow, more food from heaven!” Look we’ve got even more to eat. Gee, the weather is so nice and cool. What a great life; what a great world, better than ever!”

What are we to make of this story? One group sees the world ending. Another sees food from heaven and a new world beginning. Both groups are right, but each has a very different view. There have been times in the history of this planet and for us humans when we have experienced “world endings” and many “new worlds” born. And sometimes, some of us have been able to be at the bend in the road of history where one world ends and a new one begins. When such an occurrence is upon us, we have to decide which world we are really going to identify with and live in. Are we going to be with the dinosaurs or with the furry little creatures down below? Is all hell breaking loose, or is heaven showering us with new life?

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