Friday, February 24, 2012

     The basic issue for the survival of the church is to realize  that we live in a Postmodern culture. In this culture, hierarchical spiritual and theological authoritarian models are finished. By now this fact should be obvious to anyone living on planet earth.
     The question, therefore, arises why do we have a House of Bishops and local Bishops dedicated to the
 acquisition of power and central control? The majority of Episcopal clergy and laity are coming to the awareness that it is unnecessary overhead. It is for this reason that the Celtic model is the only viable option for an Episcopal future.
      Episcopalians have become addicted to a  nostalgia that we can no longer afford.
We must look to the creative explorations of an emerging Episcopal community.However, as we experience the implosion of a nostalgia culture are continuous prayer might be "Let Go and Let God." I suggest this prayer as a mantra for the House of Bishops.

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  1. Yes, I think nostalgia is a dangerous spiritual pathology. Unlike an emotional flight into creative fabrications about past events that may help a moment pass, spiritual nostalgia is embedded in fear. The fear is that there is only a past and no future, a restricting lock up of any rational antidote to a normal fear of death. Fear of death is real but in an environment of hope and worshipful community that fear is recast as a dynamic aspect of the Christian cycle of death and resurrection. So Anglican nostalgia beyond a pleasant distraction or humorous interlude given us by a British tv comedy or an old 30's WASP film presentation is a sad and sinful pursuit or worse. For, instance when bishops must, as seems to frequently be the case, expend their time selecting and buying increasingly lavish vestments and sky scraper miters, it may be more than just funny and odd. Are these accouterments outward and visible signs of a sacramental form of spiritual nostalgia? What is the obsession with oddly colored shirts or blouses and cardinal like liturgical "get ups" if not signs and symbols of the Church Nostalgic? This is not my Church, but it is a church common among us and one that I am developing an allergy to; my skin seems to be crawling. . .